About me

My name is Christopher Smith, I've been working wood for the whole of my working life, since 1983 as a self employed Cabinetmaker / Woodworker. I add woodworker because the description of cabinetmaker doesn't quite cover the work that I do.

What do I do? Well just about anything that's made of wood. Just lately it has largely been bespoke kitchens and built in furniture, but in the past I've been asked to make staircases, dining tables, office furniture, even doors and windows. Please look through my gallery to get an idea.

After talking through ideas and requirements with the client, I would normally draw up a design, costing and schedule of the works involved. If this is accepted it then becomes the commision. 

As just about all my work is of an individual nature I prefer to work alone. I find this gives me the freedom to develop the design and construction as the project grows, as well as keeping control of quality and the work on schedule.